Core groups for rest of the semester:
Witness for Peace group: Esteban, Kristin, Jenn
Relationship with roasters/Research PC coffee: Sig, Maria, Magali
Presentation group: Christina, Grace, tom

What needs to be done for the info session (before 12/06/11):
  • Send e-mail to Nick to print flyers and applications (20) - Esteban DONE
  • Send delegation info email to BOP (Sig) DONE, Friars Club (Grace), Congress (Kristin) DONE, BMSA (Magali) DONE , and Res Life (Esteban) DONE, SEAC (Maria)
  • Contact AMS to get projector set up in Community Room for info session- Magali DONE
  • Distribute flyers/make announcements in our classes!! (by Wednesday) - EVERYONE
  • Find WfP video to be shown at info session - Jenn FOUND, BUT TECH SET-UP STILL TO DO...
  • Contact someone (Steve!) to provide fair trade, locally roasted coffee for info session- Grace
  • Send reminder e-mail to all interested the Sunday before info session- Kristin
  • Print FAQ sheet (20) for info session- Christina
  • Powerpoint with important information regarding the delegation- Grace, Maria, and Sig
  • Consolidate FAQ and other pertinent info for PowerPoint - Kristin DONE
  • Create a sign in sheet with names and email addresses - Maria
  • Create Facebook event through Make Trade Equal page on Saturday- Sig DONE
  • Tweet about info session and other Make Trade Equal stuff!- Christina

Tasks for week of 11.18-11.24
Jenn: compile facts sheet for WfP delegation

Christina: design flyer for delegation

Kristin and Esteban: compile Wfp delegation packet; email info

Maria and Grace: logistics of info session (showing the WfP video, etc.)

Magali: reserve community room for delegation info session -DONE! (Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 6:30pm, Feinstein Community Room); look over work plan

Tasks for week of 11.11-11.17
Kristin, Esteban: email professors outside of GST to engage other students (Ruth Ben Artzi: Esteban; Rick Battistoni: Kristin)
Sorry for any weird messages as my computer has not been working and i've been writing on the wiki from my phone... I emailed the three professors that we had talked about (Ben Artzi, Battistoni and Longo) and we are still in contact with Witness for Peace to make more plans and get more help in terms of fundraising.

Esteban, Kristin, Jenn: Follow up with Witness for Peace

Sig: Go back to departments and investigate how much each pays for their coffee, etc.

Maria: Contact New Harvest Coffee

One thing I was thinking about that maybe Magali might want to take on is what the price difference will be when we get our school to start serving Equal Trade coffee. I'm not sure if we are quite at that place yet, but at the very least we can start looking into how much that coffee costs versus fair trade coffee.

Everyone: Revise/add to work plan (Jenn will post the work plan up on Monday)

Tasks for week of 11.04-11.11
Magali: Talk to PoliSci to figure out how they got the coffee and what kind of coffee it is; is it from a keurig or is it brewed coffee? - DONE

Kristin: Go to Feinstein and figure out who buys the coffee and if they use Keurigs or is it brewed.

Maria: Affiliate with USFT and contact someone to get some feedback about steps we can take on our campus. Also, check out the website to fill us in on what their mission is and what they do.

Grace: Assign people to their "accountabilibuddies" and design a way for us to hold each other accountable and put up a page for the accountabilities. - DONE

Esteban: Will work with Jenn on an exercise for Friday. -DONE

Christina: Post on Fair Trade Pros/Cons with a fully comprehensive list.

Sig: Go to a building and go to each department and figure out what the coffee sitch is; who buys the coffee and what kind of coffee it is. -DONE

Jenn: Can you start looking into possible trips for us as you have the most resources?

tom: Find some relevant readings for us to learn more about coffee and fair trade. - DONE

Everyone: Post a question for Equal Exchange, actively read stuff on the wiki and what tom finds for us, and play around with the brainstorm list we came up with on Friday (on the Organized Brainstorm page)