Class six on 10/14/11 was mainly concerned with beginning to develop our project.

Discussing the process for our process: has an effect on the success or failure of the project
Where do we start?
  1. Establish criteria?
  2. Throw out passionate ideas for the project?
  3. Majority or consensus decision?

Criteria Conversations:
  • On campus vs. off campus?
    • Broader than PC
    • Might hit dead ends
    • Don't want to be just another on campus organization
  • One time awareness project?
  • Long term GST project?
    • Will everyone in the GST program want to do the same project every year?
    • What is the mission of GST?
  • What are we asking other people to do?
  • How invisible do we want ourselves to be?
    • If the pilots of the project were the faces of the project, that could threaten the sustainability of the project
  • Take poll of PC students to see what we are passionate about?
    • People might care but aren't aware of the issues
    • What if they don't know what they care about?
    • We could provide options for different issues to be passionate about and then students pick importance (i.e. scale of 1-5)
  • Organize structure of activism project (and then the topic is subject to change in the future)?
  • Sustainability?
    • Can be involved after this semester; expands beyond this semester
    • Measurable impact
    • Think out timeline (like NGO's, etc. do. i.e. 3-5 year strategic plan)
  • Create a program or pick an issue?
  • People need to be engaged
  • Use GST research symposium as a kick-off or culmination of the project?
  • Develop together with younger GST classes?
  • Give information to non-GST majors?
    • Awareness articles in The Cowl
  • TED talk format?
  • Awareness (a component of activism) is a good idea, but then what? How to transform awareness into action?
    • Pick one issue or many?
    • Making something to sell (i.e. a statement piece), which spreads awareness and provides a tangible product
  • Keep the project big, then scale down
  • Activism vs. service
    • What do we want our project to look like?
    • What is the difference between activism and service?
      • Activism: challenges the status quo; works towards structural change
      • Service: working within the problem; bring people into status quo; unconcerned with structure
  • Realistic goals
  • Comes from us: we organize the structure
  • Create foundation for tangible results in the future?
  • What do we want to find out?

Ideas for the project: Pick topic based on our passions. Decide on issue, then break it down?
  • Homelessness
  • Sex slavery industry
  • Change PC mission statement/ hold PC more accountable to what the mission statement says
  • Fair trade and organic coffee on campus
  • Sex education at PC
  • Plastic cup recycling at bars
  • Community garden, compost project, green architecture
  • Gender/Sexual Identity

Who makes decisions about the project?
  • Assuming everyone else involved will understand our vision
  • Need sense of ownership for people to commit to being involved
  • Will we be the only ones who care about it?