Class Four- September 30, 2011

We spent the majority of this week's class presenting our creative art projects that define each of us in a "political" sense (race, culture, gender, politics, etc.). All seven of us students presented a unique work of art portraying how we view ourselves in light of different political definitions. It is important to note that the students did not challenge Jenn and tom to present their own art project, although we could have (and should have!)*

After each one of us presented, the class as a whole asked the presenter questions. Most of the time, these questions sought to dig deeper into the meaning behind the artistic expression. Strategic questioning was utilized throughout the class in order to reach a more intimate understanding of what our projects demonstrated.

In this week's class in particular, we honored one of our points mentioned in the "Hopes, Fears, Expectations, and Needs" section. We really adhered to "the hope for in-depth getting to know each other. Hope for helping each other to see different perspectives. Hope that we don't hold back" point. Through this project, we were undoubtedly able to get to know each other more through a different lens. And we especially didn't hold back in what we shared!

We ended the class with a very serious discussion on re-evaluating our dedication to this class and its final outcome. After a much appreciated honest discussion, we agreed to step up our game as a community.

*In maintaining a "safe space" environment, I decided it was better not to include people's specific projects.