Here is yet another section of our wiki to reflect on our journey together. This reflection page is specifically intended for reflection on class discussions and activities.

More than anything, Global Activism thus far has reminded me that good, genuine people still exist in the world. I have already grown tremendously from listening to everyone's stories and experiences and it really kicked my ass to hear that Jenn and Tom were disappointed in our reflections. We are capable of SO MUCH BETTER! At least I know I am and I'm really disappointed in myself. But there is time for redemption! It's amazing how much trust and confidence Jenn & Tom have in us and I hope we can pull our heads together and find that trust and confidence not only within ourselves but with each other.
PS- I really liked how every class we've been doing some type of exercise that exposes us to our 'inner-selves' (Ex: River of Life, Looking at Fragments of the Wall, our Art Projects), and I think it's important for our growth as a class-community to keep doing this.

i think it says a lot about this group of students that, when we discussed this at the end of last class, there were no excuses, no anger, no defensiveness. You were definitely uncomfortable, but you listened and you acknowledged. Grace mentions two strong feelings above: disappointment and challenge ("We are capable of SO MUCH BETTER!"). i love the challenge, we all need to be where she is. But the disappointment is only necessary if, after all, we can't "do so much better." So let's put that aside and make sure we never have to be. Also, this is good feedback; we're pretty amazed by the way you all have responded to the reflections we've done. But we need to know that you folks value them, as well. Thanks, Grace. - trk

Hi Everyone, Jenn here. I'm going to post the poem that I read as part of my "political self" project, below. "The Consumer" by Marge Piercy. In case any of you want it. Also, Audre Lorde's "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House," here. TOTALLY recommend reading it! It's not long and it's super powerful. And also, Ani Difranco's song "iq".

The Consumer -- by Marge Piercy

My eyes catch at stick
as I wade in bellysoft heat.
Tree of miniature chocolates filled with liqueur,
tree of earrings tinkling in the mink wind,
of Bach oratorios spinning light at 33 1/3,
tree of Thailand silks murmuring changes.
Pluck, eat and grow heavy.
From each hair a wine bottle dangles.
A toaster is strung through my nose.
An elevator is installed in my spine.
The mouth of the empire
eats onward through the apple of all.
Armies of brown men
are roasted into coffee beans,
are melted into chocolate,
are pounded into copper.
Their bloos is refined into oil,
black river oozing rainbows
of affluence.
Their bodies shrink to grains of rice.
I have lost my knees.
I am the soft mouth of the caterpillar.
People and landscapes are my food
and I grow fat and blind.