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Here's the link to the most recently updated work plan (including Kristin, Magali, Christina, and Maria's edits):

Here's the link to the "work plan" that Jenn drafted...
Make Trade Equal_framing_document.doc

Here's the link to a revised version of the work plan. The paragraphs highlighted in gray are what Magali edited (it still needs some work though!)

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Below is everything that was brainstormed on friday, 11/04/11. Per Jenn's suggestion, it's time to organize it all! We should put it in "order in terms of "strategy" vs. "tactic" (strategic vision vs. work plan), and also timeline-wise, and also in order of priority (focus, realistic, etc)". Anyone can, and everyone should, play around with ordering this (just press "edit" on this page, and then go crazy) into something more concrete. Ready, set, go!

Strategic vision:
  • Every PC student knowing where their coffee is coming from
    • How do we quantify that?
    • How do we measure awareness?
    • Providing resources for them to know
  • Develop PC's own "Equal Trade" model
  • All colleges in Providence having similar partnerships; create a model that can be replicated at other universities
    • “fair trade” consortium
  • FTAA policy research
    • Policy advocacy of trade at the state level
  • Education: more developed understanding of the global economy from coffee case study
    • Deepen understanding of the global economy
    • More developed understanding for who?
    • Education/awareness must happen at same time as creating an alternative model

Work plan/campaign plan: (green is what we should focus on)
  • Renaming our model
    • Equal Trade
    • WWJD: What would Jesus drink?
    • Just Coffee
    • Holy Coffee
    • Faith + 1 Cup
  • Departments on campus switch to fair trade coffee
  • PC working with roasters directly
  • Develop relationships with coffee farmers
  • Take a trip: coffee delegation
    • Witness for Peace: well positioned to get at issues larger than fair trade (i.e. media, policy research); homestays in rural villages with coffee farmers
    • Spring 2012?
  • Social media
    • Create blog
    • Twitter - DONE - go to Twitter.com. search for @equaltradepc
  • Make coffee cups/thermos (fundraiser for coffee delegation?)
  • Publicizing our story: media worki.e. our story in a magazine
    • Christina’s contacts
  • Open up our own coffee shop
    • Area that used to be Jazzman’s
    • Photo exhibits from trip
  • Getting more PC students involved/investment
    • Draw in marketing students, etc. (i.e. for them to apply in the real world); not just GST preaching to the choir
  • “Give the gift of love”—Valentine’s day gift box; the gift of equal trade
  • Keep it fun
  • What’s in your cup?
    • Activity/ temporary display
      • Walk into it
      • Made out of coffee cups
      • Play in it
  • Link to Earth Day