Here's a really interesting tool to help understand trade inequalities. It's basically super-simple drawings that explain how "free trade" rules are rigged! From Oxfam.

And this, from their "Make Trade Fair" site.

There's also many interesting articles that come up on Oxfam's site when you search the word "coffee."

I also recommend checking out Witness for Peace's page on Free Trade Agreements, and watching the videos about food insecurity and migration. Also, check out the video and info on doing a "delegation" (that means a trip with Witness for Peace to Latin America).

Also, please check out the information from Global Trade Watch. There's lots of good info about what's wrong in our global trade system and what action we can take to advance alternative trade policies. (This gets beyond "fair trade" consumer action and into really changing the policies that create inequalities).


I contacted Stu again and this is what he sent me to "confirm" that Starbucks is fair trade. Anyone see anything wrong with these files?

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