Quote of the day: Sig: "We've been studying the wrong history!"

Discussion about invisible Person assignment.
- "It helped us realize we're on someone Else's time, it wasn't about us."
- The concept of "Free Time"
  • "It made me think, how much say do we have over time?"
- Language can be a barrier in holding a conversation.
-Amazing that people we spoke with taught themselves English and Spanish just from watching TV, without formal education.
-I realized the person I spoke with was doing me a favor, it wasn't about me
-"I wondered: can she drink the coffee? Can I offer her some coffee? Or could she get fired or something from that?"
- "How does Culture measure Intelligence?"
- We've been studying History > but the same things keep happening > because we haven't been learning the real history.
  • How have Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa parks been depicted?
  • Abraham Lincoln?
How can “I” cause change?!?
- You can’t
How can WE cause change?
- …

- Socially constructed…
Use of Language
- The power of words
  • Where does the power lie?
How do you get to the bottom of | this?
| how you respond to words?
Conversation? | problems concerning Race?
| ideal problems?